Have you ever ordered “Seasoned” firewood that just would not burn or caused a lot of smoke?

Have you ever received a load of wood that was covered with dirt and did nothing more than mess up your house?

Have you ever received firewood that had insects and bugs in it?

Have you ever gotten a cord of wood that is different shapes and sizes, where some would not even fit in your fireplace or wood stove?

Finally, have you ever gotten a cord of wood that is not hard wood, but some soft wood that won’t burn for long and provides almost no heat?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you are not alone.

The fact is that many tree companies sell the firewood. They chop their wood and leave it uncovered outside for a few months and call it seasoned wood. The wood is wet, dirty, all different sizes, and potentially full of insects. That’s why we have so much repeat business. Our clients are used to having the perfect fire every time. In addition to all of this, we stack your perfect firewood or cooking wood for you! This is what LI Wood Heat Inc. is all about increasing your enjoyment of a great fire by delivering the highest quality kiln dried firewood at a price you can afford.